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CHI Logistics, Inc. is a fast growing truckload carrier. For more than 5 years, our customers have depended on us for precision operated refrigerated and dry van service across 48 states. We have a good reputation for on time delivery, safe and professional . We offer competitive rates and we can meet the needs of customers of any size.
Some of the advantages of utilizing CHI Logistics, Inc:
· On time delivery
· Safe transportation
· Reduction of transportation costs
CHI Logistics, Inc is proud to provide our customers with the most innovative logistics solutions in North America. If your company needs expedited transportation, intermodal or truckload service, CHI Logistics, Inc. can guarantee the coverage, capacity and flexibility to meet your business demands.


CHI Logistics, Inc. is developing strategic relationships with some of the best Intermodal companies across North America as a non-asset IMC. Our diversified network gives us the ability to ensure timely and efficient movement of trailers to customer yards. Every one of CHI Logistics, Inc. trucks is ran by an experienced and professional driver, which guarantees maximum transportation flexibility.
Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing CHI Logistics, Inc. Intermodal Services:
· 24/7 Tracking department will meet your any need for an update
· Ensuring the safety of Intermodal trailers being transported by our drivers
· Maximize your efficiency and profitability with options for capacity and service
· State of the art time management, ensuring on time pick up and delivery
CHI Logistics, Inc. has a proven record of total quality freight management. Our tracking technologyensures monitoring every shipment from pickup to delivery – guaranteeing on time, damage free, responsive service to our customers.


At CHI Logistics’ dedicated contract carriage services offer dedicated resources to address all the transportation needs of our clients without demanding them to invest in the ownership of their own trucks. Our Dedicated services allow for guaranteed and consistent year-round capacity. For businesses that require a guaranteed capacity or a desire to provide specialized services to their customers, our dedicated program provide them with the level of control they require.
Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing CHI Logistics Dedicated Services:
· Reducing of transportation costs
· Revenue share programs maximize utilizations and create cost savings for customers
· Maintain guaranteed, consistent, year-round capacity
· Optimized positioning of assets
We tend to offer services in a specific way, in order to assure the shippers to rely on CHI Logistics’ Dedicated Services to provide consistent capacity, real cost savings, and professional and on-time deliveries.

Partner with Brokers

Experienced brokers need a dedicated, reliable carrier to help them meet shipping demands. With your alliance, we can create solutions to satisfy the needs of your customers. We’ve built relationships with hundreds of brokers around the nation and assisted in moving tons of freight. We also offer partnerships for long-term success. Our business associates will be glad to network with your company and help in running your next truckload. Let’s join forces and move more freight together.

Partner with Customers

Customers can directly book a truck. Share your shipping needs, and we take care of the rest. Our team will plan a route, fill out the necessary paperwork, provide insurance, and dispatch a truck to your facility. Our committed drivers will take care of your products from start to finish.

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